MAMACO Soft bandage with a gel pouch

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Mamaco bandage with gel bag

The Mamaco bandage gently supports the abdomen during pregnancy and promotes recovery from childbirth

The bandage is suitable for use during pregnancy, after childbirth and when recovering from caesarean section:

provides comfortable support for the lower back, abdominal muscles, abdominal organs and caesarean sections,
relieves the discomfort and fatigue resulting from the weight of the growing belly, both in the back and in the legs,
provides support for abdominal hernia and diastasis,
compression promotes reduction of swelling and pain after caesarean section,
a hot-cold gel bag specially designed for use with a bandage helps relieve lower back fatigue and caesarean section wound pain,
easy to install and comfortable to wear under clothes.
The package includes: bandage, gel bag, user manual

Color: Nude

Size Pre-pregnancy clothing size 30+ weeks of pregnancy abdominal circumference measured at the height of the navel
S 34 to 89 cm
M 36-38 90 – 115 cm
L 40-42 116 – 135 cm
XL 44 136 – 150 cm

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MAMACO Soft bandage with a gel pouch

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During pregnancy The soft bamboo fabric bandage is designed for use during pregnancy, when the first discomforts of the skeletal muscle system due to pregnancy begin to appear (usually around the 28th week of pregnancy). More frequent complaints are a feeling of tension and pain between the shoulder blades, in the lower back and sacrum region, tingling or swollen hands and feet, varicose veins of the legs, diastasis and umbilical hernia. The bandage provides comfortable support for the abdomen and lower back, helps to correct the posture and thus relieves the previously mentioned complaints. Wearing an extra belt gives a lifting effect to the abdomen and thus helps to reduce the tension and stretching of the abdominal skin, provides relief from back pain and promotes better blood circulation between the lower and upper body. The bandage can be used throughout the day according to how you feel, adjusting it tighter or looser around the body. Since the bandage is made of specially selected breathable and antibacterial bamboo fabric, it can also be used while doing sports. After giving birth After childbirth or caesarean section, you can start using the bandage the next day, but you should act according to how you feel. The bandage is placed around the abdomen like a wrap, and the slight pressure it creates provides comfortable support for the middle part of the body. With the help of a bandage, the external load disappears from stretched and weak abdominal muscles. The result is a faster healing of the abdominal area — retraction of the abdominal skin and recovery of the tone and function of the abdominal muscles, the movement of the abdominal organs back to their place. In addition, it is easier to maintain the correct posture and daily movement is less painful. After childbirth, the compression from the bandage helps to reduce the feeling of sagging in the lower abdomen and pelvic floor. Compared to classic elastic bandages, belly belts or corsets, wearing a soft bandage preserves the normal mobility of the middle part of the body and a free and deep breathing rhythm. These properties are very important in the recovery of muscle sensation, strength and coordination in the postpartum period. Thanks to the adjustment option, you can set the bandage just so tight and supportive that you feel maximum comfort. Ideal for use 1-2 months postpartum. Hot-cold gel bag The bandage set includes a reusable hot-cold gel bag. The gel bag can be heated or kept cold and is designed to provide heat treatment for lower back pain and to provide a cooling/numbing effect in the area of ​​the caesarean section wound after delivery. A cold pack relieves wound pain and swelling and can also be used for mastitis, swelling of the perineum or hemorrhoids. A hot pack generally helps with muscle and joint pain and muscle cramps. Also suitable for warming the breasts to increase milk flow before nursing the baby.
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