Noodle pillow (C-shaped) + pillowcase.

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A study conducted in America showed that more than 75% of women sleep worse during pregnancy than otherwise.

Young mothers and pregnant women also suffer from insomnia more often than other women.

It is more comfortable to sleep if you place a pillow between your legs, then the pillow will be either on your back or on your stomach (see drawings). Find the most comfortable and suitable position for you and your baby during breastfeeding!

The noodle pillow is a large and very versatile pillow for both the period of expecting a baby and the period after it. Thanks to its shape, flexibility and softness, the pillow helps to completely release the body and relax. Complete, unrivaled comfort is guaranteed! A great helper when feeding/breastfeeding your baby. The baby is guaranteed complete comfort in every position.

SIZE 1 : C-shaped, 240 cm total length

FILLING: 100% ÖKO-TEX filling, allergy-free. Special filling from certified material.


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Noodle pillow (C-shaped) + pillowcase.

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