New! MUMBA BRA 3in1 pink

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A novel approach!
MUMBA BRA 3in1 is now also in Estonia!

Seamless bra that can be worn already during pregnancy and after breastfeeding.
Comfort and a model equipped with pillows provides comfort for every day.
Variable bust size - elastic stretchy fabric material!
The unique MUMBA CLASP system and the black and white pattern on the bra fabric help with breastfeeding!
Watch and enjoy how your baby fixes his gaze on this pattern!
The BabyFocus® pattern helps the baby focus on breastfeeding and it becomes calm.


S- 70B, C, D, DD 75B, C, 80B
M-70E,F; 75D, DD, E, F; 80C, D; 85B, C, D; 90B,C
L- 80DD, E, F; 85DD, E; 90D, DD; 95B, C, D; 100 B, C; 105 B

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New! MUMBA BRA 3in1 pink

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Why choose MUMBA BRA? Unique close-open system MUMBA CLASP! Now it's good to remember which breast you nursed your baby with. MUMBA CLASP will always support you! Baby eye patch with BabyFocus® pattern! The black and white pattern helps the baby to fix the gaze and attention. The eye contact pattern and mother's warmth create calmness and the baby can only focus on sucking. BabyFocus® patterns help breastfeeding and stimulate milk flow, because your baby is good! This is a new experience for the baby and its mother. Functionality! The front flap opens easily. Breastfeeding is a discreet act for both baby and mother.
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