Lansinoh ® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump

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Lansinoh's compact electric breast pump is powerful, small, lightweight and easy to carry when away from home. Two-phase technology that imitates the natural sucking of babies and 5 different suction speeds and 5 different vacuum levels, which means maximum comfort for the mother when pumping breast milk.

5 adjustable suction and rhythm levels, mimic the way a baby naturally sucks, maximizes milk ejection.
The set includes a Comfortfit ™ funnel that ensures comfortable pumping.
Small, lightweight design with micro-USB power adapter; ideal for use at home or on the go.
Easy to use and few parts to clean, which gives an opportunity to save time.
Includes NaturalWave® Tea (with cap) bottle - helps maintain established breastfeeding habits.
BPA and BPS free.
Soft silicone funnel ComfortFit ™ - a funnel with a silicone rim ensures comfortable pumping.
The LED indicator easily indicates whether the device is on and it is good to monitor which strength or speed you are using when pumping.

Lansinoh ® Compact Single Electric Breast Pump

Different phases of pumping: When babies breastfeed, they begin by sucking quickly to stimulate your milk flow. Once the milk has started to flow, the baby draws out the milk with slower, deeper sucking. To simulate this natural rhythm, the Lansinoh® compact disposable electric breast pump offers 2 phases - a descending phase and an expression phase. 1.Let-Down Phase is a faster style of pumping that mimics the short, quick suck your baby uses to start the milk flow. 2. The expression phase imitates a slower and deeper suction with 5 more comfortable suction levels. When you turn on the breast pump, it starts in a 3-step phase and automatically switches to the expression phase after 2 minutes, meaning you don't even have to press a button (if you don't want to). If your milk starts to flow before the 2-minute transition, you can switch to the expression phase at any point. Automatic shutdown if the pump is left unattended for more than 60 minutes. The Lansinoh® Compact Disposable Electric Breast Pump comes with a standard size (25mm) ComfortFit™ silicone funnel that is soft and supple around the edges to shape the breast. You can ask for the large (30.5 mm) ComfortFit ™ in our stores. ( The Lansinoh® Compact Electric Breast Pump can be attached directly to the Lansinoh® Breast Milk Storage Bag, which helps you save time and pump directly into the bag to store breast milk.
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