Lansinoh ® Pack of 24 Disposable Breast Pads

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High quality breast pads.

Thin, soft, breathable, discreet and with a natural shape.

The superabsorbent polymer and the dry-keeping lining absorb and lock the milk inside the pillow.

Through a unique process that uses heat and air, the pulp of the paper is replaced with a "fluffy pulp" that forms a powder with a highly absorbent polymer. This mixture is placed between layers of paper. The non-woven fabric is then placed over layers of paper to ensure a dry lining. This liner directs breast milk and moisture away from the skin into the breast pad, where it is absorbed into a highly absorbent polymer and turns into a gel. The layer surrounding the fibers is reinforced with polymer so that moisture is locked inside the pulp and polymer.

The pads are individually packed and for single use. Hygienic and convenient to take with you.

Two non-slip adhesive strips hold the pad in place.

MANUFACTURER: Lansinoh Laboratories, Inc.

Lansinoh ® Pack of 24 Disposable Breast Pads

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