Lansinoh® Pack of 4 Washable Nursing Pads - White

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Lansinoh Washable Breast Pads are super absorbent and super soft, offering reusable leak proof protection, wash after use.

The teardrop contoured pads are comfortable and soft on the breast for maximum leakage protection.

Washable breast pads offer comfort even for the most sensitive skin with their ultra-soft fabric layer.
A unique teardrop breast pad that fits the chest well and has no noticeable lines, making them very discreet.
The special content made of vegetable fibers is designed for quick absorption and drying - so that the milk does not leak!
Reusable breast pads that can be washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees. The set includes a laundry bag.

Lansinoh® Pack of 4 Washable Nursing Pads - White

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Lansinoh washable breast pads use a three-layer protection technology to protect against leakage: 1) a layer with a soft surface, which also ensures hypersensitivity even for the most sensitive skin. 2) unique absorbent blend with bamboo fibers in the core for quick absorption and drying. 3) waterproof outer layer for all-day protection. Easy to use: Place the pads inside the bra with the ultra-soft mesh side against the skin. Change wet pads and machine wash after each use. For best results, place the pads in a laundry bag. Fabric composition: Front side: 100% polyester. Inside: 80% bamboo viscose, 20% polyester. Back: 100% Polyester with TPU.
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