Lansinoh® Hospital Bag Breastfeeding Essentials Kit

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Kit includes:
*Award-Winning HPA® Lanolin Cream 10ml
*Lanolin Lip Balm
*Silicone Breast Pump
*Reusable TheraPearl® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pads
*Award-Winning Disposable Breast Pads pack of 24
*Award-Winning Breastmilk Storage Bags pack of 25

PA® Lanolin Cream 10ml
Composed of an ultra-purified grade of lanolin, the cream is ethically sourced and 100% natural without any preservatives or additives. HPA® Lanolin is naturally hypoallergenic and approved by the British Allergy Foundation meaning you can breastfeed your little one without removing the cream. Awarded GOLD at the 2021 Mother & Baby awards.

Lanolin Lip Balm
The Lansinoh® Lip Balm is a rich, effective moisturiser which helps soothe and protect very dry chapped lips. Made from 100% Lanolin.

Silicone Breast Pump
Save every last drop of breastmilk with the Lansinoh® Silicone Breast Pump. It is light, portable and small enough to carry in your changing or handbag for every day, discreet use. This simple to use breast pump catches excess breastmilk from let-down while breastfeeding or expressing from the other breast. BPA and BPS free, 100% silicone and dishwasher safe.

Reusable TheraPearl® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy Pads
Flexible and reusable, TheraPearl’s® 3-in-1 Breast Therapy packs have soft covers that can be slipped comfortably inside your bra to relieve any discomfort that can be caused by some conditions associated with breastfeeding. Can be used hot or cold. BPA, BPS and latex free, these breast therapy pads are also shaped to fit around a breast pump to encourage let down and promote faster milk flow.
CAUTION: For external use only. Use only as directed. Always test pack temperature prior to application. Prolonged application may cause injury, including burns. Do not use on infants. Do not use if you have poor circulation. Do not use heat therapy on stitches or an open wound. Do not fall asleep using pack. Keep out of reach of children. For extreme, prolonged, or chronic pain, contact your physician. Heating beyond suggested time may damage or destroy pack. Do not puncture pack and/or ingest contents.

Pack of 24 Award-Winning Disposable Breast Pads
The award-winning Lansinoh® Disposable Breast Pads featuring a BlueLock core provide instant absorption and leak-proof protection. The contour design is capable of holding up to 20x their weight in milk, whilst still retaining their shape. They ensure that breastfeeding mums stay dry, night or day. Awarded Platinum in the Loved by Parents Awards 2022 for best product for Breastfeeding and Silver in the Best New Mum Product, Voted No.1 Breast Pads by Best for Baby and Indy-Best 2022 from the Independent.

Pack of 25 Award-Winning Breastmilk Storage Bags
Our Breastmilk Storage Bags are perfect for mums to store breastmilk in the fridge or freezer, lying flat or standing up. You can also pump directly into our Breastmilk Storage Bags from any Lansinoh® breast pump, allowing you to save time and prevent messy milk transfers or spills. The bags come with a hygienic, tamper-evident, and secure tear-away top to ensure no toxins reach the breastmilk. Awarded Silver in the Loved by Parents Awards 2022 for Best product for Breastfeeding and Bronze in the Mother & Baby awards 2021 for best product for breastfeeding.

Whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or as a gift, our mother and baby Hospital Bag Breastfeeding Essentials Kit is perfect for new and experienced mothers.

Lansinoh® Hospital Bag Breastfeeding Essentials Kit

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